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Beirut Art Film Festival : Red ! Art In Soviet Lands

Conférences / Films

10/01/2020 à 19:00

Durée : 52 min
Producteur : Pierre-Henri Gibert & Adrien Minard
Langue : Français & Anglais/ST Français et anglais


During the 1910s in Russia, a group of visionary painters adopted radically abstract approaches, upsetting the artistic conventions of their time. From the frenzy of the 1917 revolution, a symbol of great freedom, to Stalinist totalitarianism; artists of the Avant-garde (Malevitch, Tatlin, Lisstzky, Rodchenko, Stepanova, Deineka, and others) forged a new kind of art, one of extraordinary modernity, and strived to nourish their originality while coping with the regime’s preconditions.


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