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28/04/2024 de 20:00 à 23:00

Beirut and Beyond is happy to announce the release concert for its 10-year compilation album, a collaboration with Bachar Mar-Khalifé and his label balcoon stemming from the Musicians Support Program 2, a program originally launched in November 2020 and designed in partnership with Khyam Allami, composer and researcher, as a response to the dire situation in Lebanon. The event marks the 10-year anniversary of Beirut and Beyond and will be held on April 28th, 2024, at KED in Karantina, Beirut.

The compilation, released as vinyl and on all digital platforms on March 29th, 2024 features a selection of 10 original tracks from 10 artists/groups based in Lebanon. It also includes a 12-page booklet with the lyrics of each song. Each act is scheduled to perform their featured song from the compilation, as well as their original tracks and collaborative works with other artists. Additionally, the vinyl compilation album, featuring all the acts, will be on sale at the event. This album, recorded in July 2023, was the result of the Musicians Support Program 2, which aimed to support Lebanon-based musicians amidst the economic crisis by commissioning them to create original tracks. The selection of artists and groups was overseen by a committee comprising Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Anthony Semaan, and Yara Mrad. The recording took place over 10 days at Tunefork Studios in Beirut, with each participant allocated a full day to work on their track alongside Bachar Mar-khalifé and sound engineer François Baurin. The selection was made with respect for gender equality, taking into consideration diversity in musical genres and showcasing artistic potential: from hip hop to dreamy folk to electronic music and melodic pop. Bridging the gap between styles, the compilation and its release concert aim to contribute to breaking down barriers and bringing together a community of artists passionate about their art. This project was supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Beirut and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC).



AbrahamYounanis aLebanese singer, songwriter and voice actor. He works as a music performer and DJ at various venues in Lebanon and the MENA region. He spends most of his free time writing and composing songs for his solo project “Abe”, as well as writing and recording voice over skits and sketches using a wide range of different voices and dialects. He is also an avid music listener and collector.


Amal Kaawash is a songwriter and singer whose artistic practice extends to exploring narratives through verbal storytelling, creative writing and visual arts. She is known for her cartoon character: Meiroun, which carries that name of her family village in Palestine that was ethnically cleansed in 1948. As a singer, her interests include Arabic musical folklore, mostly from the Levantine region and Palestine in particular. In 2021 Amal became an active member of Nohye Al Ard community garden for agroecology, where she grew a special interest in how soundscapes influence the process of creating music melodies and songs, especially those within a popular community context and collective singing.


Born into a music-loving family, Joe discovered his passion for music and performance at a young age. Inspired by the likes of Prince, David Bowie, and Steely Dan, he seamlessly blends funk, pop rock, and soul, delivering a dynamic and memorable musical experience by fusing funky rhythms, soulful vocals, groovy guitar riffs, and catchy melodies. Love, jealousy, political deception, environmental distress and generational anxiety take center stage in Joe Pretzel’s songwriting, inviting listeners on a thought-provoking and socially-conscious musical journey.


Formedin 2016, OVIID is a Lebanese trio uniting Antonio Hajj (bass/arps/vocals), George Flouty (guitars/pads) & Ayman Zebdawi (drums/percussions/synthesizers). Delivered in English and Arabic, OVIID features rhythmic prose infused with electronic influences rebirthing heritage, folklore & nostalgia. Inspired by Kraut, Post-Punk, Oriental & Electronica, OVIID looks to shake their listeners through a message of empowerment,taking the audience from point zero to the infinite (self). A dive into endless space, the members channel the experimental aspect of their musicality into their compositions and performances.


Salwa Jaradat is a Palestinian beirut-based musician. She holds a bachelor's degree in Musicology from the Higher Institute of Music at Antonine University in Lebanon and is pursuing her master’s in Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. She works mainly in the field of folk and classical Arabic music. A member of many music ensembles as a composer and singer. SLEEPSPENTT Sleepspentt is a musician and producer from Lebanon. His approach relies heavily on sound design in order to sculpt melodic phrases, beats and sonic motifs out of mangled sounds, samples, glitches, and drones. His music has been featured in films and exhibitions.


Sundowner is the instrumental music project of Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist Ramzi Khalaf. His first EP “Shell Shock” merges tight grooves and funky basslines with melodic keys and dreamyanalog layers. TILT Farah Kaddour, Samah Boulmona andAli Hout are three friends from different Lebanese regions, coming together as “Tilt”, building on the chemistry they developed after sharing the stage several times in Lebanon and abroad with different traditional and modern music projects. The acoustic trio composes, rearranges, and puts together a wide Arabic music set, forming a traditional yet modern repertoire that narrates their personal surroundings and geographical landscapes.


Whyvsef, a rapper hailing from Beirut, discovered his passion for music in 2013, inspired by the captivating world of hip hop. With a mysterious and unique sound, he has made his own wave in the industry. His collaboration with Al Nasik on his debut album "Sada Sout" released in May2023showcases his enigmatic style and thought-provoking lyrics. With a goal to push boundaries and create a profound musical legacy, poised to charm audiences worldwide with his unique sound.


Yal Solan is a Lebanese singer, poet and multidisciplinary artist who blends her poetry with her oriental roots, occidental influences and mystical inspirations. By marrying ethereal vocals and oriental sounds, she is carving her signature sound within the wide spectrum of soul, alternative and world music






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