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25/11/2023 à 12:30

The virtual and physical worlds, as well as the inventive application of new technologies, all converge at Beirut Art Center. Given the accelerated pace at which digital space is influencing physical or ‘real’ space, not merely online or on screens, we have dedicated this upcoming season to address some of the important challenges and opportunities that have arisen in recent years.

The program will generally address how digital tools are deployed in artistic and cultural practices and what that might open up to or limit and include workshops around Vizualising Sound, Virtual Reality storytelling, Introduction to Augmented Reality and a digital archiving and preservation workshop.

By looking at the inventive applications of digital technologies the participants are invited to question the relationship between the digital and corporeal worlds. Together with the participants we hope to explore the possibilities that are generated from the coalescence of these spheres and what kind of new forms of artistic expression, cultural dialogue, and human interactions can generate from that.

This program is organized by Joseph Kesrouany.



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