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Awards Ceremony, 2nd edition

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01/07/2022 à 11:00

The Nadim Younes Initiative team have created united individuals to preserve the legacy of the beloved architect Nadim Younes. Nadim Youness was a dedicated and hardworking architect who passed away in 2020. He was a member of the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects in Tripoli since 1995 and an essential member of the New York Architects – Town Planners since year 2000. His success and passion enabled him to win several awards as an appreciation of his marvelous architectural works.


Despite all physical challenges and distances, NYI made sure to protect the strong bond that they needed to support the main vision. In remembrance of Nadim, the initiative’s core is to support hard working and successful students enrolled in the school of Architecture in a noteworthy way. The gathering of his school of design schoolmates was to meet up and maintain the qualities he represented in his life and reflected in his expert profession.


After right around 32 years, ALBA's engravings on our expert lives stays indispensable. It has formed us as people on an individual and expert level. 


ALBA offered us a typical strong stage from which we took off to new skylines. 


We choose different projects that have a true meaning of solidarity to help support our community, especially projects that help build after the Beirut blast in August 4, 2020.


Since Nadim have always dreamt of a cleaner and a more sustainable Lebanon, NYI have built a rigid plan that reflects his perception of a strong environment.


The initiative with Alba university was such a success. Together, the team managed to create interesting challenges that resulted in exciting projects done by Alba students. The Nadim Younes Initiative collaborated with NYI to participate in the online jury sessions that showed amazing concepts coming from the Lebanese students.


The anger, frustration, and hope has been positively translated in the students’ work through creativity and innovation.


The jury chose the students based on the concept of each project and the emotional impression that it left rather than grades and opinions.


The two teams that won were “Life after life” by Joy Yammine, India Baz, and Rowena Nseir. The second team was ironically called “No name” including Maria Chedid, Lynn Khalife, and Maria Karam.


This experience was truly inspirational showing that real team work is highly successful when several people hold the same goals and missions.




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