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Du 27/10/2022 à 17:00 jusqu'au 31/12/2022 à 17:00

Alone Not Lonely illustrates a world of beauty through solidarity and teaches how to master loneliness through individuality. “Alone” is derived from the Latin word solus, meaning “solo". No matter how dark the world seems to you, you can easily harness the light within you for a better tomorrow. Featuring herself as the main character in diverse environments, the child, the artist and the lover challenges optimism and determination in a series of colorful hand painted canvases. Through Alone Not Lonely, the character is put at the forefront, allowing the observer to take part in their embodied reflection in a new and pleasing environment. In these series, Layal aims to change perceptions of loneliness from 'alone' to 'not alone' in order to encourage pride in individuality. 


Alone Not Lonely gallery series was painted using mixed media from combined oil, acrylic, jute, paper and raw pigment on canvas created through her classified techniques. Her style includes condensed deep colors with layered textures bringing every painting to life. Wearing the helmet metaphorically and through her paintings to remind us of the importance of protecting our minds from external factors and embracing our individuality. 


Cold colours are associated with quietness, sweetness, rest, contemplation, sadness, and shades of these emotions. In contrast, warm colors convey joy, strength, power, energy, and passion. As complex humans, Layal believes humans are a mere reflection of all mother nature’s colors and the emotions that come along with. Her paintings have taken on a higher meaning in recent years; Layal believes that if she could express herself in words, she wouldn't paint her art, and wondered how many others could relate in the absence of art. 


Through her pool of curiosity and self-expression, Layal decided to use her art for the common good. Allowing those who cannot express to be represented through her, expressed and spoken for allowing nobody to truly ever feel alone.


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