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08/03/2024 à 20:00

On International Women’s Day - March 8th, Black Howl in collaboration with Recess Beirut are hosting a music and arts showcase dedicated to female Arab artists, the showcase will be held at Recess Beirut.


 Al Ounss - الأنس is a term that represents females but also merriment, fun and gaiety. The event will feature electrifying music performances as well as a visual arts exhibit, to highlight the artistic diversity amongst female artists in Lebanon and the region, followed by a pop night not to be missed.

The musical lineup consists of rising artists from Lebanon including Sarah Mansour, Roxane and Talia Lahoud, and a very special set from Egyptian artist Donia Wael. During the event, fans can also come early to check out a special visual art exhibit curated by Lebanese art curator Tarah Rahmeh which will feature highlights from female artists she represents. 


Doors open at 8PM sharp.


Sarah Mansour is an RnB-Pop artist whose dreamy harmonies will leave you feeling sensual and nostalgic. The Lebanese-American singer best describes her music as niche but for everyone. Her style is inspired by her time in Los Angeles, though she also draws from her Lebanese roots. Sarah is a big advocate for staying true to yourself and believes there is great potential for Arab artists to take on the global audience in today’s artistic climate. She hopes to embody every aspect of her multi-cultural identity through her music. 

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Talia Lahoud hails from a small town in Lebanon, Talia's global aspirations and fierce determination helped turn a passion for music into a promising career. The trained musician and songstress is bringing a new sound to the Arabic Pop music scene with her soaring vocals and evocative lyrics, which she often pens herself. Having the ability to write & perform in English, Arabic, and French, gives Talia a uniquely organic way of connecting to global audiences. 


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