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A Feast In The Ruins, Johanne Allard


Du 10/06/2020 à 00:00 jusqu'au 27/06/2020 à 00:00

Embroidery has held a place in nearly every civilization in history, a practice of storytelling and a marker of cultural representation. As so many women before me have woven biographies through embroidery, in my artistic praxis as a sculptor I use an interplay between embroidery and manipulated materials as a visual language to document social, political, and cultural events related to the Levant & Arab region, where I have been living for the past 20 years.

Moths are a symbol of destruction. My sculptures of embroidered insects are a metaphor for the systematic attacks upon society, cultural fabric and land in the Levant and Arab region through war, dispossession and humanitarian imperialism. Each piece, with a flower endemic to the country it represents, tells a story through woven threads that create a topography of ruin, remembrance and resurrection. These works are a homage to the people that have welcomed me to their countries, to their homes and into their lives. 


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