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09/08/2022 à 18:00
Jusqu'au 03/09/2022

    10 Photographers | 10 Themes | 10 Talents


    ART DISTRICT Gallery is hosting the first collective photo exhibition “UP-AND-COMING Talented Photographers”. 


    It is an inspiring show that highlights the artistic talent of Lebanese photographers under one roof. This collective exhibition offers the opportunity to meet a new generation of gifted talent.


    “UP-AND-COMING Talented Photographers” is a dedicated exhibition and a mentoring programme identifying and supporting the most exciting and relevant Lebanon-based emerging artists working within the photographic medium.


    Asadour KDOURANIAN, Cindy ABDO, Elie EL KHOURY, Elyssa TAWIL, Ghada HAMOUCHE KALLAS, Joanna TYAN, Joanne SHALALA, Michel SOUFIA, Tarek SAAB and Youmna CHAMI CLEMENCOT were chosen from an “Open Call” by the Lebanese artist and curator, Maher Attar who was looking for photographic work that demonstrated a clear declaration of intent and was visually strong and coherent across concept, form and realization.   


    ·      Exhibition : August 9th |  September 3rd

    ·      Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday | 10:00 am | 6:00 pm



    Art District - Gallery & Studio


    Gemayzeh - rue Gouraud





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