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Tarek Yamani Trio Live Stream


08/09/2020 à 20:30

    After a very long hiatus, I'm thankful that live music is slowly coming back. More-than-usual-excited for these upcoming hits in Paris and Berlin with my Berlin-based trio featuring Igor Spallati on bass and Fabian Roesch on drums.

    A quick note before the music:
    As you all probably know, Beirut suffered extensively from the horrific explosion which took place on August 4th and there's a crucial and unprecedented need to provide relief to those affected, The wonderful folks at Tunefork Studios have since been dedicated to assessing the damages done to Beirut's community of musicians, producers and sound engineers who were largely affected by the explosion. In their support, we will live stream our Tuesday Paris performance with hopes to raise funds and help them reach their final goal. The funds will be donated directly to Tunefork Studios who will distribute them proportionally (covering destroyed music gear, instruments and recording equipment).
    Please find more info on this fundraiser link: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/liftup-beirut







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