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10/07/2021 à 00:00
Jusqu'au 10/08/2021

    TANIA KASSIS ACADEMY this summer in Faqra Club!*

    Supervised by renowned international singer Tania Kassis, TANIA KASSIS ACADEMY will offer exciting sessions *starting this Saturday at Faqra Club* for kids starting 2 years old, Teenagers but also Adults (over 40 years)!

    *Participants in the Choir sessions will have the great opportunity to perform in the August concert that will take place at Faqra Club!*

    Find below and in attachment the full list of activities for ADULTS and KIDS, and enjoy free trials this weekend:

    - CHOIR: Saturday at 12pm

    - DANCE ADULTS: Saturday at 12pm

    : DANCE KIDS & TEENS: Saturday at 1pm

    - YOGA: Sunday at 11:30am

    For more information and registration call now 78 872 875



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