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Storytelling : The Fig Tree, Raeda Taha

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29/09/2021 à 19:00
Jusqu'au 30/09/2021 Demain

    Following her long-awaited return to Jerusalem, Raeda Taha takes us on a journey through the memories of families and relatives, the smell of spices, the pistachio vendor, the loud chatter of passersby, the giggles and groans of the alleys and corridors of the Old City. Jerusalem mesmerizes children and adults alike. The streets pull you deeper into more streets, its ancient stones are always just about to speak.
    This journey retells our families’ unforgettable stories from the haunting city of Jerusalem.

    The Fig Tree is in support of Ahmad and Sirine Abu Ghazaleh. 

    Raeda Taha
    Raeda holds a BA in Speech Communication and Journalism from George Mason University. She served as the Press Secretary of Yasser Arafat and as Chairperson of the Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah, Palestine. She is an active member of the Administrative Committee of the Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation in Beirut. In 2105, she wrote, produced, and performed a one-woman show Where Can I Find Someone Like You Ali?, watched by over 15,000 people. Following the success of her play, Raeda wrote, produced and performed a new production called 36 Abbas Street, Haifa, which launched in Beirut in September 2017.


    Dar el-Nimer


    America Street, Clemenceau 113-6412 Beirut, Lebanon





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