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10ème édition du « Choix Goncourt de l’Orient » : Le prix est décerné à « S’adapter » de Clara Dupond-Monod
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15/01/2022 à 20:00

    It is our great pleasure to present to you "SOUND OF LIFE:" A sound journey of hope and strength by the distinctive composer and multi-instrumentalist, Nacho Arimany.


    Nacho Arimany is a multi-instrumentalist (playing over 100 instruments) creator. He is a sonic translator and channel for bringing dialogue across and between different cultures as expressed through universal rhythms. While his roots began close to Jazz and Flamenco as a world preconized talent, he has since been influenced by Oriental melodies, Indian and West African percussion.


    Arimany creates a vortex of sound which he describes as a ‘prism with a lot faces’. He has performed at prestigious large venues and events around the world including the New York Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Latin Grammy Awards.


    This evening of healing through music is for a wonderful cause; the restoration of Sursock Palace after the August 4th 2020 Beirut Explosion!

    Once restored, the Sursock Palace will become a museum and cultural center open to the public. 

    Please join us for an evening of healing, community, and rebirth. 

    15 January 2022 - 8:00 PM- Sursock Palace


    Tickets are available at as well as at Sursock Palace Office.

    For Further information, please contact us on 01-218 720.


    Please don’t  forget to wear a Mask.  All social distancing protocols and social distancing will be observed. 


    Palais Sursock






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