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18/04/2021 à 12:00

    National Evangelical church | Beirut – Riad Essoulh | 12:00 PM 

    EDMOND VOEFFRAY (Switzerland), organ


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    Edmond Voeffray


    President of the Valais-Romand section of the AOR (Association des Organistes Romands), member of the International Festival of historical organ of Valère sur Sion board, and titular organist of the Cathedral of Sion (Switzerland), Edmond Voeffray graduated from Lausanne Conservatory in 1996 in the class of Pierre-Alain Clerc, after which he followed a year of study in North Germany with Harald Vogel. In 2008, he obtained the concert diploma from the Lausanne Conservatory with Prof. Kei Koito.

    Voeffray chaired the Martigny section of Jeunesses Musicales until 2005 and is active within the framework of the André Guex-Joris Foundation in the same city. As an accompanist, he collaborates with many Swiss choirs. He contributes regularly to the “Organ Tribune”, a specialist journal in French-speaking Switzerland. He recently signed a presentation of the last restoration of the Valère organ (the oldest playable organ in the world), an article also published in the Revue Musicale de Suisse Romande. He also wrote an article on the organs of Guatemala, after a trip to this country with the trumpeter Dario Maldonado. With the latter, he initiated the Musical Sundays of Massongex. The Swiss-German Radio asked him in October 2000 for recordings presenting the old organs of St-Séverin sur Conthey and Martigny. He pursues historical research on the organs of his region as well as on Valais organs.











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