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01/10/2022 à 16:45

    Self Defense for Theft & Attacks - Live Session by I Have Learned Academy at Sunset Woodhouse Batroun Outdoor session in a Garden

    Learn how to protect yourself Mentally & Physically from any attack or theft incident:

    You will learn:
    - General Security & Prevention Tips
    - Being alert
    - Staying Calm and having Mental Strength
    - Car and parking safety
    - Bag stealing
    - Elevator and small spaces
    - House stealing
    - Office / shops attacks
    - How to deal with guns and knives
    - Where to hide your money at home
    - How to carry cash safely
    - Self-Defense against holds and grips
    - Self-Defense against Kidnapping and rape
    - Self-defense against knife & guns threats


    Tarek is a specialist in Systema Self-Defense, he graduated from Russia.
    Tarek started learning martial arts when he was 5 years old then got stuck in SYSTEMA which awakened him to not only understand himself more but to also understand people more.

    Tarek has 2 black belt in karate, 2 black belt in jiu jitsu and 5 black belt of hapkido. He has traveled to Russia to continue his higher education of SYSTEMA Russian combat science. He became highly ranked in SYSTEMA and survival under extreme conditions. He has given more than 35 seminars, locally and internationally. He is also specialized in criminal psychology from the SYSTEMA tactical perspective. Tarek is also the head of SYSTEMA Lebanon.

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    For further questions, you can send us a WhatsApp message on +961.3.614493 or email info@ihavelearned.me

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