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Rayyane Tabet / Alien Property: In Light of What We Know Now

Conférences / Films

28/10/2020 à 18:00

    Kim Benzel, Curator in Charge, Ancient Near Eastern Art, The Met 
    Clare Davies, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, The Met
    Rayyane Tabet, artist 

    Join contemporary artist Rayyane Tabet and Met curators to explore the development of Rayyane Tabet / Alien Property. The exhibition tells the story of the ninth-century B.C. stone reliefs excavated at Tell Halaf, Syria, and their subsequent destruction, loss, or dispersal to museum collections around the world. In this discussion, the collaborative team consider their shifting perspectives on the exhibition, which opened in October 2019, in light of the past few months' global events. Note: This is a live event. Space is limited; advance registration is required.

    October 28, 2020 | 6-7pm (UTC 4)


    The Met -Online





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