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20/03/2023 à 19:00

    O Filme (My mum is a character)
    by André Pellenz

    Comedy | 2013 | English subtitles | 84 mins | 16+

    Dona Hermínia is a middle-aged divorced woman, and her ex-husband got in a relationship with a younger woman. Hyperactive, she doesn't leave her children Marcelina and Juliano alone, without realizing that they are already grown-ups. One day, after finding out that they consider her annoying, she decides to leave her home without warning, leaving everyone worried about what might have happened. Little did her children know that she went to visit beloved Aunt Zélia to vent her sorrows and remember the good times of the past.

    Minha Mãe é uma Peça: O Filme (My Mom Is A Character) is a 2013 Brazilian comedy film directed by André Pellenz, starring Paulo Gustavo, and written by him in partnership with Fil Braz. The film is based on the play of the same name created and starred by Paulo Gustavo. The cast of the film version is also composed by Ingrid Guimarães, Herson Capri, Suely Franco, Monica Martelli, Samantha Schmütz and Alexandra Richter.

    The film was released in Brazil on June 21, 2013, reaching a mark of two million spectators in its third week in theaters. It was the most-watched Brazilian film in 2013 with more than 4,600,145 spectators.

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