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Hishik Bishik Show


14/11/2020 à 21:00
Jusqu'au 27/11/2020
  • 27/11/2020 Jusqu'au 27/11/2020

Metro al Madina presents "Hishik Bishik Show"
From the weddings and the Cabarets of Egypt in the early 1900s: 9 artists, musicians, singers, actors and dancers take us back to that golden age.
(For non-Arabic speakers, please ask for the show's English booklet at the ticketing)

Yasmina Fayed: Vocals
Ziad el Ahmadie: Vocals, Oud
Bahaa Daou: Vocals, Percussions
Ziad Jaafar: Vocals, Violin
Deiaa Hamza: Accordion
Ahmad el Khateeb: Vocals
Randa Makhoul: Vocals, Dancer
Lina Sahab: Vocals
Ziad Chakaroun: Vocals

Hisham Jaber: Artistic Director
Ziad el Ahmadie: Music arrangement
Wissam Dalati: Costume Designer
Nadim Saoma: Visuals and Light Design
Jawad Chaaban: Sound Design
Sarah Nohra: Production Manager
Marjane Chatila: Assistant Production
Lara Nassar: Sound Engineer
Iyad El Cheikh: Stage Technician
Ahmad el Temsah: Light Operator
Poster Designer: Regina Semaan
Visuals operator: Raya Abou Kheir
Lara Nohra: Marketing

A Production of Metro Al Madina


Metro al-Madina


Aresco Center, -1, Justinian street, Clemenceau, Hamra, Beirut




Early bird: 40.000 L.L. Birdie: 55.000 L.L. Support bird (Gift included): 100.000 L.L. - 150.000 L.L. - 200.000 L.L.

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