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Visites Guidées

18/03/2022 à 16:30

    Date: Friday 18 March 2022 at 4.30pm

    Place: Aramé Art Gallery - Zaitouna Bay

    Registration: (78) 959670 ; visites@agendaculturel.com

    Duration: 1h00

    Langue: English and French


    The visit is free of charge - booking is required.

    Number of participants is limited.

    Health mask required.


    The tour will be guided by the artist


    The visitors of Vahan Roumelian’s beautiful studio in Yerevan would encounter a bearded man dressed like a monk, with his long white gown covered in spots of all imaginable colours. You would likely find him frantically jumping side to side under loud music, as he strikes his confident brush onto the canvas with absolute determination. If you look more attentively at this messy collection of crazy brushstrokes a new, secret dimension of them will be revealed – their intense musicality. No wonder Vahan himself often calls his artworks opuses. His creations are indeed gorgeous music translated into a fountain of fascinating colours. It’s such a rare thing in Art that a painting can be the fruit of moment’s sensation and deep premeditation, pure spontaneity and emotional maturity at the same time.


    Rare as it be, this is the case with Vahan Roumelian – the artist, who makes us hear music, while staring at a canvas, and perceive harmony in things that otherwise would only be defined as Chaos.


    “My art is part of my modus vivendi with which I oppose the intervening elements which penetrate Everywhere, erupting the possibility with aggressive malice. I register on canvas the projection Of perishing and devastation. I originally deny the everyday existence of things which, even if it has sense or purpose and serves lofty ideals, nevertheless will not interest me. I deal only with mystery. I try to change the breathing rhythm of art”. Vahan Roumelian




    Les visites guidées de l’Agenda Culturel sont organisées avec le support de Artscoops


    Aramé Art Gallery (Zaitouna Bay)


    Zaitouna Bay





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