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31/07/2021 à 10:00
Jusqu'au 01/08/2021

    What is Drama Therapy?

    Drama Therapy is the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals. It combines the aims and techniques of drama/theater with those of psychotherapy allowing for an active role in healing the self in a safe environment. Drama Therapy uses play, stories, role play, performance and other creative arts to create new behaviors, new meanings and new choices for the participants. Behavior change, skill-building, stress relief and personal growth can be achieved through Drama Therapy.

    In this workshop Participants will:
    - Deepen their self-knowledge.
    - Identify desired change, and take steps (using creative processes) towards integrating change.
    - Expand their internal role repertoire and practice new roles and desired behaviors in a supportive environment. 

    Zeina Daccache, BA in Theater Studies, MA in Clinical Psychology, Registered Drama Therapist and Board Certified Trainer with the North American Drama Therapy Association - NADTA, USA.
    She is the founder and Executive Director of Catharsis - Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy and works as a drama therapist, play director and documentary film maker in different settings. She has been implementing Drama Therapy processes in Lebanon and the Middle East since 2006. She is recipient of many awards given for her distinguished contributions to the field of social initiatives and services.

    The Workshop will run over a weekend at Beit Wadih 
    Saturday July 31 10 AM to 6 PM 
    Sunday August 1 10 AM to 6 PM
    14 hours in total excluding 1 hour lunch break and 2 coffee breaks during each day.

    LBP 1 050 000 per person
    LBP 900 000 for reservations before July 19

    Reservation plus 50% down payment are a must. PLACES ARE LIMITED.
    To register please call: 81 395 440

    For further info about Drama therapy please contact Catharsis on 09 914 932

    Certificates will be delivered at the end of the workshop. 

    No acting/theatre experience necessary. 
    Shy people are welcome!
    (Attendees must commit to entire sessions)

    If you wish to reserve a room at Beit Wadih during the workshop please contact: 81 395 440 for your reservations


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