Discothèque Nana


12/12/2020 à 21:00

    Discothèque Nana is a fictional TV program from the time period between 1982 and 1989. Presented by the host of the show, Nana, Discotheque Nana overlooks the war and its collateral damage and welcomes different musical guests who are interviewed and invited to sing along with Nana to some of the well known Lebanese songs from the 80s.

    Yasmina Fayed: Nana
    Elie Rizkallah: Jamil Jamal Al Jamel
    Cosette Chedid: Siham
    Khaled Soubeih: Al Akhtal al Wasat
    Paul Saado: Elham Nachef
    Ahmad el Khateeb: Percussions
    Farah Kaddour: Buzuq
    Makram AboulHosn: Bass
    Diyaa Hamza: Keyboard & Harmonica

    Special guests: Ziad Itani - Ziad Chakaroun - Dana Dia


    Metro al-Madina



    Early bird : 20.000 L.L. Birdie : 35.000 L.L. Support bird : 70.000 L.L. 100.000 L.L. 150.000 L.L.

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