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23/09/2022 Ă  18:00

    Art on 56th is excited to announce the collaboration of #Lebanese #Jordinian #artist Rafik MAJZOUB and #Lebanese #poet Mahmoud WEHBE 🌟
    Though they have never met, they are more alike than they would have imagined. They recognize themselves in the other, and this has led to an epic, creative alliance, culminating in one of Majzoub’s works featuring on the cover of Wehbe’s book "It was not love.. but a joke". As an homage to this partnership, the gallery will present Mahmoud Wehbe’s poem alongside works on paper by Rafik Majzoub, connecting the written word with a powerful visual narrative.

    “Shortly before quarantine… and after,” showcases the personification of Wehbe’s poetry via Majzoub’s portraits. The two artists chronicle the vivid emotional landscape experienced before, during and after the pandemic, chronicling the raw, collective stories of fear, confusion and loneliness, as well as episodes of existentialism. Together, Wehbe and Majzoub create a conceptual realm where they embark on an inward journey of self-reflection and discovery.

    Please join us at Art on 56th on Friday, September, 23, 2022
    6-8 p.m. for a special book signing with Mahmoud Wehbe


    Art on 56th


    Gemmayzé, rue principale



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