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Beyond Borders Together: A Collection of Contemporary American and Middle Eastern Artists


Jusqu'au 07/05/2021

    Although borders, demarcated or metaphorical, confine us physically and geographically in today’s landscape, we are all together and somewhat “Beyond Borders”.


    ArtScoops in association with Mira Hawa and Sabine El Gemayel are delighted to announce the launch of the online show, titled ‘Beyond Borders Together: A Collection of Contemporary Art from American and Middle Eastern Artists’, which runs from 25th March to 7th May, 2021.

    The show features a diverse selection of works by artists from Los Angeles, Washington D.C, New York, Montreal, and Beirut amongst others.


    This showcase fosters cross-cultural dialogue and engagement, transcending borders - together.


    The featured artists are: Afarin Sajedi, Cynthia Minet, Dia Mrad, Francesca Gabbiani, Ghizlane Sahli, Gregory Beylerian, Guillaume Zuili, Harry Abbou, Irène Ghanem, Joseph Chahfe, Joséphine Wister Faure, Laure Ghorayeb, Leila Jabre Jureidini, Mansour El Habre, Mike Saijo, Missak Terzian, Ribal Molaeb, Rania Matar, Raouf Rifai, Sayeh Sarfaraz, Tanya Mikaela, Tayseer Barakat, Victor Ekpuk and Zena Assi.







    Achrafieh, rue Michel Chiha





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