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AUB Archaeological Museum Taking the Leap into the Digital Realm, Dr. Nadine Panayot Haroun


08/03/2021 à 19:00

    The AUB Archaeological Museum is the third oldest museum in the Near East, after Cairo and Constantinople. In 1868, just two years after the founding of the Syrian Protestant College, the American Consul in Cyprus, General Cesnola, donated the first gift of Cypriot pottery. With this nucleus collection, the AUB Archaeological Museum was born.


    In 2006, the AUB Museum underwent a complete renovation under the curatorship of Dr. Leila Badre. The museum provides a unique overview of the archaeology in the Near East from the Early Stone Age to the Islamic Period showcasing collections from Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran.

    Since September 1, 2020, the new curator, Dr. Nadine Panayot jointly with the Society of the Friends of the Museum, has been organizing a full program of virtual activities: lectures, children’s programs, gallery talks


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