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And then stillness, Mohamed Al Mufti


Jusqu'au 18/07/2020

    Mohamed al Mufti’s recent body of work extends the political and social representations of “Anamnèse” the solo exhibition held in Paris in winter 2020.

    The large scale paintings provoked and questioned Damascus’s collective memory and its vestiges by deconstructing and reinterpreting its inherited meanings and symbols.

    In his current exhibition “And Then Stillness” Mufti presents a personal chronicle of Beirut’s recent political and social state. His work documents paralyzed fundamental educational, cultural, public and social institutions.

    From movement to stillness, his work depicts the transition from noise to silence, social congregation to isolation, and intensity to lightness.

    As a documentary artist, his work is an inspection of the built environment and its symbolic structures.


    Mohamed Al Mufti (b. Damascus, 1976) is an artist, architect and a professor at Alba. He moved to Versailles, France in 1994 to pursue his studies in architecture, where he graduated from ENSAV.

    Mufti held his first exhibition in France in 2003. Soon after, his work was featured in galleries and museums in France, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. His work depicts themes and reflections

    On Damascus and Beirut’s political and social scene. He is currently living in Lebanon.




    Gemmayzé, rue principale



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