Survivors, Amjad Naaem


22/05/2020 à 00:00
Jusqu'au 05/06/2020

    Disaster survivors, are they truly survivors or just think so?
    That is a question posed by my new paintings, emphasizing that a human is the primary and most essential factor in creating a community.
    I use the bodies of the said “Survivors”, whose psychological and materialistic burdens have left them deformed.
    We see them closed in on themselves, their heads sunk between their shoulders and their limbs enlarged because of their daily
    and reoccurring worries.
    But at the same time, they are immersed in dreams of hope, chanting the colors of returning to a normal life, a life safe and devoid of any thoughts of murder and blood, a life far away of violence and migration,
    a life that any normal human in the world deserves.


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