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Mask Art - Creativity under Lockdown


Jusqu'au 08/06/2021

    Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh were at their peak of creativity during pandemics and lockdowns. This project is testimony that history repeats itself with the admirable creativity of over 250 artists representing 120 countries contributing generously with their art to fight COVID-19.


    MEADOWS (Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development Of Widespread Sustainability) NGO, with its network in 78 countries, was up to the challenge to use visual arts as a powerful tool affecting relevant global issues through the intercultural dialogue. The concept created by Lena Kelekian, its President and Founder, led to initiating the MASK ART creativity under lockdown with the patronage of UNESCO Beirut Office, under the topic of “UNESCO and MEADOWS artists against COVID-19”.


    The selection committee has nominated the following as Honorary Artists in appreciation for their contribution to the art world with their creative works: Sibilla Bjarnason, Alvaro Blancarte, Teodor Botiș, Ze Cordeiro, Tonino Maurizi and Wu Rigen.





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